International scientific and practical conference
professor Balatzkiy O. F.

devoted to the 25 anniversary of higher economic education in Sumy region


May, 11-12,  2016


Balatsky Academic and Scientific Institute of Finance, Economics and Management of Sumy State University invites to participate in conference!

Conference sectors:

  1. Actual problems of the “damage theory” developed by Balatskiy O.F.;
  2. Environmental and economic challenges of reproduction processes within the globalisation processes;
  3. Mechanisms of the innovation development ecologization;
  4. Problems of the monetary and financial dimension and accounting of the national wealth;
  5. The mechanisms of cyclical development and ecological-economic interactions;
  6. The transformation of the mechanisms of coordination of environmental and economic interests;
  7. The concept of sustainable development and problems of the finance capital dominance.

Working languages of the conference:

  • Ukrainian;
  • English;
  • Russian.

Conference participants:

  • Scientists, lecturers of Institutions of higher education, post-graduates, representatives of the business-structures, interested in the topics of the conference.

As a result of the conference work will be published:

  • Conference materials;
  • International scientific electronic journal "Management of Economic Processes" (Ukraine);
  • monograph are collected with title  "Economic problems of sustainable development"

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