May 10-11, 2018, the All-Ukrainian Marketing Olympiad took place at the Odessa National Polytechnic University. Representatives of more than 60 universities of Ukraine took part in it, in particular: 100 bachelors and 65 masters. The second place among the bachelors was taken by a student of the specialty "Marketing", who studies at the Department of Marketing and MIA of the SSU Rosyuk Oksana. Congratulations to the winner!
It should be noted that the Olympiad was organized at the highest level. In addition to the competitions, an interesting cultural program was proposed, which allowed the participants of the Olympiad and jury members to visit memorable places of one of the most interesting cities of Ukraine, Odessa.
The master class from the head of the marketing department of Info-Mir (Ukrainian!), Which supplies its products to 150 countries and controls about 5% of the world market, was extremely interesting. During the discussion the basis of the requirements for a modern marketer was analyzed, which allows to make appropriate adjustments to the training of marketing specialists, to bring it closer to the requirements of the time.




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