On 16th of June, 2018, the first Ideas Festival took place in Sumy.

The aim of festival is to promote the innovative development of city, ideas exchange and dissemination for further development of new technologies and achievements in medicine, programming, leisure, etc., which should improve the life quality in the city. There were more than 20 locations hosted on the square near the Congress Center of SSU and in the building itself, where 3D and 2D printing technologies, robotics competitions, physical and chemical experiments were presented. Residents and guests of the city were able to visit a laser shooting gallery, master classes in molecular cuisine and alternative coffee chanting, they were able to print a 3D souvenir, get acquainted with a new lifestyle from representatives of the yoga studio, enroll into Chinese language courses and took part in the master class on calligraphy. The Tesla transformer, an zero-pilot mini-car, a quad-squadron, a surgical simulator complemented the idea of technologies of the future. In addition to educational and scientific projects, some of the locations of the Festival were devoted to artistic and theatrical art, where visitors tested themselves as artists. Virtual driving school and master classes on programming captured the attention of the children who participated with high enthusiasm. In addition to this, visitors gained unforgettable experience from animators - live sculptures, quests from various locations, and a foot-quest at the end of which the gifts from the organizers were presented.
Starting from 14-00, the premises of the Congress Center of the SSU began to work, namely, the workshops on programming for children, the master class on art, and the Start-Up platform continued their work. Within the framework of the Start-Up platform the speakers presented their achievements in the field of entrepreneurship, the start-ups, fundraising and crowdfunding.
This project – Ideas Festival - was created by a team of researchers from Sumy State University and was implemented within the framework of the Public (Participatory) Budget and supported by the Sumy City Council. The amount of funding for this project is planned to be about 190 thousand UAH. At the same time the Center for youth leisure was the executive partner of the project.
Project authors are Shvindina Hanna, Denys Smolennikov, Nadiya Kostyuchenko, who are educators of Oleg Balatskyi ARIFEM.
Thus, within the framework of the Festival, the efforts of representatives of local authorities, Sumy State University, entrepreneurs of the city and the region, and the indifferent cities that took part in the Festival have joined forces. In total, the festival was visited by more than 600 people. We hope that this event will be the first of many following, and will serve as an example for new public (participatory) budget projects and the implementation of new ideas and dreams.


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