From September 2018 to June 2019, for almost two full semesters, associate professor of the Department of Management, Hanna Shvindina will stay as a visiting scholar at the Purdue University, Indiana, USA within the Fulbright Program. Purdue University of Purdue, founded almost a century and a half ago, is now home to more than 3,000 teachers and a training ground for more than 40,000 students. The University has an expanded field of activities and research, and is well-known for its graduates such as Astronaut Neil Armstrong, Nobel Laureates in Physics Edward Miles Purcell and Ben Roy Mottelson, as well as  Akira Suzuki, Nobel Prizer in chemistry. Currently, two Nobel laureates, Herbert Brown and Ei-ichi Negishi, work at the Department of Chemistry. Among the graduates of the university are well-known businessmen and entrepreneurs, politicians who are Pulzer Prize-winners. Each year, the university expandes more than $ 450 million in support of research, attracting funds from state and federal agencies, industry, foundations and individual donors. The Fulbright Program provides an opportunity for researchers from different countries to exchange ideas, projects, and create a network of research innovations. Professor Vincent Daffy has been kindly invited our colleague to be hosted at his department for further collaboration in favor of two universities - Purdue University and Sumy State University. The Fulbright United States Science Exchange Program is sponsored by the State Department.




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