Fourth-year student of Educational and Research Institute of Finance, Economy and Management named Oleg Balatskiy, Valeriia Hulak, specialty "Finance and Credit" and Diana Kozlova, specialty "Economics and Business" take part in the Erasmus + international mobility program and be able to study at the University of Almeria, Spain.
Flexible schedule, round-the-clock access to library resources, modern digital equipment for audiences, personal online account for each student with materials of lecture, assessment and unlimited communication with teachers -the peculiarities of the educational process in Spain. During free time, University`s staff organize excursions to the tourist centres of Spain and others countries, traditional national cuisine festivals, sport activities and meetings for intercultural communication. Living and studying abroad is an invaluable experience. But there are many difficulties that can be overcome only by hard working, efforts, setting the right goals and achieving it.
The world is an endless space of opportunity. Dreams Come True!





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