2018-2019 years two scientists from ARI FEM Hanna Shvindina and Tetyana Pimonenko honoured by the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program.

On March 2, the fourth graduating class of course participants under the program "Manager of a dwelling house (group of houses)" was held by the Center of professional and postgraduate education of Sumy State University, in cooperation with the Department of Management.

During April 3-5 , 2019, the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on the discipline "Financial Security" was held at the Cherkasy Institute of Educational Sciences and the School of Business Administration "University of Banking".

At the end of February Daryna Lysak, a second year student of speciality “Management”, began her parallel study at University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw under the Erasmus + KA1 Academic Mobility Program. 

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Відповідно до укладеного 22.12.2017 року Меморандуму між СумДУ та Сумською міською радою щодо розроблення та впровадження в місті Сумах концепції «Smart City Суми» до 2027 року, передбачено регулярний та всебічний обмін досвідом, знаннями, накопиченими Сторонами з питань предмету співробітництва, взаємодію на засадах відкритості.

On February 16, 2019 the Associate Professor of the Department of Management Halyna Mishenina took part in the conference “Uni-biz bridge-2” - “The link between universities and business” in Kyiv.

A graduate of the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration Jana Us became the winner in the competition “Best Master’s Thesis” and will receive one-time scholarship from the Foundation Institute for Eastern European Studies (Warsaw city). 

Today the modern universities provide many opportunities for parallel study abroad. SSU is an active participant in academic mobility programs Erasmuz K1.




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