International Scientific and Practical Conference
« STABICONsystems 2017»,
Devoted to the memory of Professor Oleg Balatsky
27-29 April 2017

Balatsky Academic and Scientific Institute of Finance, Economics and Management of Sumy State University invites to participate in conference!

Conference sectors:
1. Sustainable Development;
2. Trading under condition of Global Competition;
3. Social, economic and political systems Administration;
4. Business-projects and Corporate Social Responsibility;
5. Innovations;
6. Energy Management and Controlling in a sphere of Energy Consumption.

Working languages of the conference:
• Ukrainian;
• English;
• Polish;
• Russian.
Conference participants:
• researchers and academic scholars of higher education institutions, graduate and post-graduate students, representatives of the public administration, business and enterprises from different countries, interested in the topics of the conference.
As a result of the conference work will be published:
• Conference papers will be published in Conference proceedings « STABICONsystems 2017»

For the participants of the conference there are additional options to publish the results of their research:

The papers of participants of "STABICONsystems - 2017" can be published in expanded form in the English-language scientific journal «Economics of Systems Development».

English-language scientific journals «Business Ethics and Leadership» and «SocioEconomic Challenges (SEC)» support the authors who are willing to publish the results of international scope research, carried out jointly by the representatives of different HEIs.

See also:
Conference Information in details;
Application Form for Authors

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