April 28, 2018, Kremenchuk National University named after Mikhail Ostrogradsky was summed up the results of the second round of the All-Ukrainian contest of diploma works of students on the specialty 073 "Management" of the OPP "Management of Innovation Activity".

On 23-27th of April the All-Ukrainian Scientific-Practical conference for students, PhD students and young scientists «Economic Problems of Sustainable Development» named by prof. Oleg Balatzkiy took place in the Sumy State University, Institute of FEM.

May 10-11, 2018, the All-Ukrainian Marketing Olympiad took place at the Odessa National Polytechnic University.

At the end of April, teachers from the Department of Management, Alona Yevdokymova and Iuliia Myroshnychenko, took part in the IV European Congress of Local Governments (Krakow, Poland), a meeting platform for local and regional self-government, academics, representatives of NGOs and business.

At the Economic Theory Department seminars were held with the participation of business representatives.for students of specialties “International Economics” and “International Economic Relations”. 

On 26th and 27th of April the 1st International Forum "STABICON-2018" took place in the Sumy State University, which united the conferences of two departments o f the Institute of FEM and created a platform for discussions of current scientific problems.

Sumy school #21 representatives invited Professor Leonid Melnyk and Associate Professor Oleksandr Matsenko to deliver a lecture on III and IV Industrial Revolutions for high school students.

The department Finance and Entrepreneurship held the conference "Economic problems of sustainable development" named after Prof. Oleg Balatsky.




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