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З 7 по 11 листопада 2017 року зав. кафедрою, директор Інституту економіки розвитку МОН та НАН України, д.е.н., проф. Л.Г. Мельник взяв участь у Всесвітньому науковому форумі (World Science Forum), який проходив в околицях Аммана (Йорданія) на березі Мертвого моря під патронажем Короля і Королеви країни. У Форумі взяло участь понад 1000 осіб, що представляли понад 150 наукових організацій з усіх континентів Землі.
На Форумі обговорювалися актуальні виклики, що стоять сьогодні перед вченими світу, і нові реалії життя: розвиток цифрової цивілізації; відповідальність науки в запобіганні загрозам 3-й і 4-й промислових революцій; інструментарій науки і мистецтва у формуванні нових методів навчання; роль науки у досягненні цілей сестейнового розвитку; напрямки і проблеми формування штучного інтелекту; подолання «розриву» між поколіннями в ході трансформацій соціально-економічних систем та ін.
Професор з Сум взяв участь в дискусіях на кількох круглих столах наукових секцій Форуму.
За підсумками Форуму за участю Королівського наукового товариства Йорданії, Організації Об'єднаних Націй з питань освіти, науки і культури (ЮНЕСКО), Міжнародної ради з науки і Угорської академії наук була прийнята Декларація «Наука заради миру». Основні положення Декларації підтверджують необхідність міжнародного співробітництва та провідну роль науки в цілях забезпечення сестейнового розвитку.
По завершенні роботи Форуму його оргкомітет організував поїздку в природно-культурний заповідник Пѐтра.

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11.07.2017 on the basis of the National University of Food Technologies (NUKHT) the XII All-Ukrainian Contest of student's scientific papers on topical problems of the packaging industry was held together with the 20th meeting of the "Packers' Club".
Students from different cities and universities of Ukraine submitted more than 100 works in total. The winners were only 12 students from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Sumy. Student of the 4th year of the Department of Marketing and Management of Innovation Activity Zaharchenko Darius among them and received a diploma of 2nd degree.

This victory is particularly valuable, since experts have been primarily evaluated as being of practical importance, since the majority of the practitioners are the majority of the jury.
Congratulations to our winner and her scientific supervisor Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Belovodska O.


IMG 15The new 2017/2018 academic year began from a new way for the second year Master student Karina Karabets (Finance and Credit Department). During the autumn semester, she will being study at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) (Thessaloniki, Greece) within the Erasmus + KA1. In addition to deepening professional knowledge, she will being take courses in the Greek language.
This year 83 students from 18 countries came to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki after serious competition. The scholarship is EUR 800 per month.
Student's years are one of the most dynamic period of life, and the opportunity of academic mobility will help to make truly unforgettable!

Lecturers from Economic Theory Department organized the world-famous international trading game on "International Trade" for students of the Minor Academy of Sciences. During the game participants had the opportunity to show their entrepreneurial skills, the ability to analyze, make decisions and demonstrate teamwork skills.
In addition, the schoolchildren were acquainted with the specifics of admission and studying on the specialty "International Economic Relations" at O. Balatsky ASI FEM Institute, and with the prospects that graduates of this specialty receive.

The schoolchildren's interest shows that it is advisable and necessary to hold such meetings.





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Workshop "Resume/CV Building: Secrets to Success" took place on the 9th of November (Thursday) at the Congress Center of SSU at 15-00. The idea of that training was born in discussion between Lyulyov Oleksii (Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Business-Administration), Shvindina Hanna (Associate Professor of the Department of Management) and Aaron Kennet who supported this project and kindly agreed to become a speaker. Aaron Kennet, a Fulbright ETA (English Teaching Assistant) Fellow, American researcher came in Ukraine to assist in teaching in English and now takes part in social and educational project actively. This training was devoted to Resume Buiding, the differences between resume and CV, to Power Words and many other professional skills and tips useful for job-seekers in the English speaking world. More than 60 people visited the workshop and expressed their interests to take part in further similar events. This is not our last meeting; many other workshops and training are planned in nearest future. Follow the news.

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On November 5-6, 2017, the representatives of the departments of Oleg Balatsky Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management took part in the VI International Exhibition of Educational Institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation and establishments of vocational education “Education of Slobozhanshchyna and study abroad – 2017” at the Illyinskyi exhibition center in Sumy city. A full range of specialties of institute for potential entrants was presented there.
Graduates of the schools of the city and the region were able to obtain useful information on receiving economic education at Sumy State University and the conditions of entering in 2018, as well as to learn about the everyday student's life, lecturers and courses that are studied at Oleg Balatsky Academic and Research Institute of Finance, Economics and Management. Participants of the event enjoyed the meeting.



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On 10th of November International Forum “Regional Voices – Building Bridges for Democracy” took place in Kyiv. This forum was organized by Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International). The teachers оf SSU who are the member of NPO “Council of Young Scientists” took part in the event, and there were Petrushenko Yuriy, the head of the department of international economics of ARI BT “UABS”, Tarasenko Svitlana, the associate professor of department of public health of MI and Shvindina Hanna, associate professor of the department of management of ASIFEM. During this day there were presentations of successful projects in a sphere of adult education and development of civil society. Projects were presented by members of several NPOs which were granted by DVV International and which are from different regions of Ukraine. Petrushenko Yuriy, our colleague, became one of the speakers and presented the events and results of Centre of Adult Education (Sumy). In a process of forum professors from Germany shared their experience in adult education, thus Dr. Ralph Egler and Professor Dr. Klaus-Peter Hufer brought new insights into the transformation of society into civil and reconstruction of the education towards democracy. The communication was interesting and inspiring for all participants of the forum, the friendly atmosphere favored to building common ideas of mini-projects and further trainings. 
This project is implemented with the Support of the Federal Foreign Office.

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On November 1, 2017 the sixth Open Project Contest within the celebration of the International Project Management Day took place at Lviv State University of Life Safety. According to the results of the 1st stage of the contest, four projects of the Sumy State University students Piven Daryna and Semenyuchenko Olexsii were selected to participate in the final of the contest by the supervision of Cand. (Sci.Tech.), senior lecturer of the Department of Management Yevdokymova Alona.
22 participants from 4 educational institutions took part in the final of the contest: from Odessa National Polytechnic University, Sumy State University, Lviv Academic and Research Institute of State Higher Educational Institution “Banking University” and Lviv State University of Life Safety and Luhansk National Agrarian University (Kharkiv).
By the results of final Piven Daryna with her project “One day from the Student's life” took the 2rd place and Semenyuchenko Olexsii won the nomination “Originality of the idea of the project”. All the participants received certificates.
We congratulate Daryna and Olexsii and wish them further success!


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