On May 26, on the base of SSU Congress Center hosted the final stage of the project "Speaker Fest", which is organized by educators of SSU within the framework of joint projects with NGO "Center for Social Initiatives" supported by the British Council.

Speaker Fest - is a festival of successful people where famous Sumy city dwellers representing own unique stories of life success. The project is aimed at positive changes in Sumy. "Our goal - to change the perception of the city on the city of educated, ambitiousand talented people," suggests moderator of the project Shvindina Hannah. "In this city always arise new opportunities and there is space for development".
Organization of communication between successful people and youth will help overcome the barriers of uncertainty and will help create a strong and motivated communities with an active lifestyle.
More than 100 persons attended in the event, among them were graduates and students of several institutions. Furthermore representatives of SSU in the hall were representatives of Sumy State Pedagogical University named A.S. Makarenko, Engineering College of SSU, Sumy Children Art School. named M.G. Lysenko, representatives of the sports community and other groups.
During the day, from 11-00 to 15-00 speakers conduct discussions with visitors, answered on the questions, inspired by their example. Speakers of the project are:
    Anna Korshunova, children's writer and author of many books, including "Sumy is fabulous city», coordinator and co organizer of the project of costumed excursions "I will tell you about Sumy".
Kateryna Burmystrova, reusable winner of competitions of various levels - from global, European and national to regional competitions in wrestling, world champion of freestyle wrestling.
Dasha Bezkostna was represented by her mother. Elena told about how Dasha was born, which obstacles her family is faced. Dasha's phenomenon consists in the fact that her disability did not stop her in the creative development, because from 11 years of age Dasha writes the pictures and now she is quite famous and successful artist.
Oleksii Nazarenko, that is a graduate of SSU of specialties "Applied Mathematics", specialization " Informatics". He told how excelled in different areas, so in 2013 he was the best young entrepreneur, and now he continues the project activity and he is the coordinator of the projects of NGO "Ukrainian educational club".
Andrii Lohvyn shared his life choices that led to the designing and implementation of engineering solutions in the field of alternative energy, for example as offers manufacturing and installation wind generators and solar batteries, etc.
Natalia Serebriakova shared her memories about changing the activity as she began her career in "Dankor", where she wrote about the culture and leisure, and later became a film critic and now writes for renowned magazines such as Hollywood Reporter, Colt and many others.
Vladyslav Ivchenko disclosed his secrets of writing, telling about his motives to be a writer, the source of his inspiration, shared memories of the beginning of his career.w





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