At the end of May 2017, Head of the Economic Theory Department of Sumy State University, Dr of Economics, Prof. Olha Prokopenko gave lectures on "International Marketing" within the framework of the agreement between universities dated 10.01.2013, to students, postgraduates and teachers of the Vitebsk State Technological University.
Olha Prokopenko presented the SumSU rating indicators, the main achievements of the university in the direction of stimulating scientific activity to the Belarusian colleagues, shared her scientific investigations in international marketing and demonstrated innovative game forms for teaching this subject.

Based on the results of teaching, Olha's Prokopenko methodological investigation of the imitation game "International market (specialization of countries)" was introduced into the educational process of the VSTU, which is confirmed by the act of implementation.The trip made it possible to communicate and to build new cooperation plans not only with the staff of the Economic Theory and Marketing Department of the VSTU headed by its Head Galina Yasheva but also with the Vice-Rector for Science Elena Vankevich, Dean of the Economics and Business Management Department Vladimir Sharstnev, Dean of the Faculty for Advanced Studies and Retraining of staff Irina Semenchukova.
Olha Prokopenko also visited the Research and Development Center and the Center for Additive Technologies, equipped with various kinds of 3D printers and 3D scanners and used in the educational process of the modern specialty "Production of goods based on three-dimensional technology."
As a result of the negotiations, the editorial board of the section "Economics" of the specialized journal of Belarus Republic "Vestnik of the Vitebsk State Technological University" invites scientists from 

Sumy State University to publish the results of their scientific research free of charge.
In autumn of this year, the head of the Economic theory and marketing department of the VSTU is expected to arrive for an internship at Sumy State University. We also hope that students of the specialties "International Economics" and "International Economic Relations" O. Balatsky ASI FEM will visit VSTU.

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