«Government Service»

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The Government Service in Ukraine is a professional activity of persons, who take positions in the state authorities and their bodies, and who are responsible for practical implementation of state tasks and functions.

The speciality of "Government Service" of "Regional Management" specialization embraces the following main activity directions:

  • management of structural subdivisions of state and municipal bodies;
  • legal ensuring of state regulation;
  • management of state and collective property.

Based on the principle of power division, the government service exists in the bodies of legislative, executive and judicial power. Depending on the specifity of state activity spheres, office employees belong to the government service. They work in the bodies of prosecutor's office, court, diplomatic service, custom's control, security service, internal affaits etc.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers' Decision No. 167 dated 08.02.1997, office employees' training is education with getting Master's degree, directed to the professional activity at the government service, as well as education at postgraduate course, doctoral course and other educational institutions or scientific organizations according to specialities, directed to the professional activity at the government service.

Specialists of "Government Service" have right to take positions of specialists of district state administrations, as well as positions of specialists of ministries and other central bodies of executive power (the 5th, 6th and 7th category of office employees).

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