Technical University of Varna (Varna, Bulgaria).

Scientific research, academic exchange.


  • Ovid Farhi A., Rector, Doctor of Economics, Professor.
  • Mirchev Angel, Doctor of Economics, Eng. Sci.;
  • Krachunov Hristo, PhD;
  • Lesydrenska Svetlana, PhD.

The Main Results of Cooperation:

  1. Angel Mirchev lectured to students of SSU.
  2. Editing the scientific publication in Bulgaria "Sustainable development".
  3. Editing the scientific publication of SSU "Marketing and Innovation in Management".
  4. Bulgarian participation in conferences on the basis of SSU.
  5. Ukrainian participation in conferences at the TU Varna.
  6. Joint publication of material in the publications of the parties.

Signed Contracts for Cooperation:

  • On signing.




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