University of Uppsala (Uppsala, Sweden).

Research and Teaching Exchange; exchange of educational materials; international seminars and conferences; preparation and publication of articles in foreign journals.

The Main Results of Cooperation:

  1. Participation of teachers of the department who are involved in teaching the course "Environmental Management" in International Conference "Environmental Management Systems» («Eco-region and Baltic University programme conference" Environmental Management Systems and CSR "« (c.Rogov, Poland)) - Conference organized by the Baltic university program.
  2. SSU received training materials for the course "Environmental Management" (submitted to Department of Management).
  3. SSU received training materials for the course "English for Environmental Science» (transferred to the Department of Foreign Languages).
  4. From the Baltic university program received free contacts and submitted for publication an article in the foreign editions in Poland «Business Enterprise & Finance».
  5. Teachers of SSU received from the Baltic applications to individual universities to visit the Summer School «Introduction to Core Concepts of Strategic Sustainable Development», the city of Karlskrona, Sweden.
  6. Free access to the SSU faculty training materials Baltic university program and participation in research and teaching exchanges.
  7. Joint international conference on the basis of SSU (with partial funding from the Baltic university program). Agreement on Cooperation with the Baltic University Program.




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