• preparation of business plans and the FEASIBILITY REPORT of innovative and investment projects (including power- and resource-saving projects);
  • working out and introduction of motivation system of the personnel at the enterprises;
  • concerning optimization of business processes at the enterprise (re-structuring, reorganization, reengineering);
  • concerning improvement of professional skills, postgraduate studing and employments;
  • concerning economy, management, marketing and the finance;
  • concerning the organization of system of office-work at the enterprise;
  • concerning an estimation of actives of firm and investment appeal of business projects;
  • concerning working out of a social package for the industrial enterprises;
  • concerning an estimation of level of a conflictness of collective;
  • concerning working out of offers on change of organizational structure of collective etc.


  • "Business training";
  • "Corporate governance";
  • «the Financial analyst»;
  • «Management of the finance»;
  • «Innovative activity»;
  • "Marketing";
  • "Antidisputed management";
  • "the Self-appraisal and the resume: how correctly to conduct itself at interview for work";
  • "Management of stress";
  • "Budgeting System engineering";

and also:

  • the organization and holding conferences, seminars, symposiums, «round tables», summer schools etc.


Scientific Work:

  • an estimation of economic and financial potential of social and economic systems;
  • workings out of all kinds of activity: research, applied, educational;
  • in the field of an estimation of an economic damage from activity of the industrial enterprises and use of natural resources;
  • workings out of target complex programs of development of the enterprises, the organizations, regions;
  • an estimation of efficiency of nature protection actions;
  • carrying out of sociological researches for m. Sumy and the Sumy region;
  • introduction in practice of activity of the enterprises and establishments of the newest results of researches;
  • working out of innovative lines of activity and introduction in practice of the enterprises and establishments;
  • development of projects of public and private partnership in the field of the state and municipal services.






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