On September 15 - 18, 2018, senior lecturer of the Department of Finance and Entrepreneurship, Yuliia Shkodkina, took part in the final meeting of the international strategic partnership project Peace & Love Vector, which took place in Yerevan, Armenia.  Within the meeting the partners evaluated the project, discussed its results and impact on the local and international levels, as well as took part in the conference where the results of the research on the tendencies of radicalization among youth in Armenia, Sweden, Ukraine and Estonia were introduced. Yuliia Shkodkina moderated a panel discussion on Radicalization and Culture of Violence in the EaP and EU countries (case studies of Armenia, Estonia, Sweden, and Ukraine), during which reasons for violence, trends of radicalization, forms of violence manifestation in countries of case studies and next steps to deal with these issues were discussed. The project was implemented within the support of Sweden National Agency of Erasmus+ programme in cooperation of 4 organizations — More Mosaic (Sweden), Center for Euroinitiatives (Ukraine), Armenian Progressive Youth (Armenia) та Eesti People to People (Estonia).


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