Graduate students of the Departmentof Finance and Entrepreneurship do not sit around at home and actively participate in a series of free webinars held in October-November 2020, where they learn to manage and organize bibliographic information, working with databases Scopus, ScienceDirect, Mendeley.

Thus, first-year graduate students (group A-01 / PBT)  Okhrimchuk Eu. and Novikov V. have already participated in three webinars, where they learned to properly search for the necessary literature for their research in the Scopus database and have already received their first certificates.

Congratulations to the young scientists! We wish them further achievements !!!

To participate in the next webinars (October-November 2020), everyone must register in advance by following the appropriate links.  Details on the website

A series of webinars allows not only to get acquainted with the search for information in databases, but also helps to learn how to choose the right magazines for publications.  Webinars are organized by Elsevier, conducted by the chief librarian of the Scientific Library.  M. Maksymovych Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Maryna Nazarovets.











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