Despite the fact that the calendar year is coming to an end, we are increasing our international activity. As part of the continued cooperation with Belgian partners in Health and Environment Services, Training and Consultancy "VOF" in the person of Professor Luc Hens, on November 17 at the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration was another event planned in 2020 as part of a virtual online training-course "Academic writting and publication of scientific papers".

Teachers of the department had the opportunity to get acquainted with best practices in writing scientific articles for high-ranking scientific journals from a Belgian colleague, as well as to share their experience in conducting research in the field of environmental economics. Professor L.G. Melnyk, prof. Kubatko O.V., senior teacher Goncharenko O.S. It will be recalled that since this international event was held online using innovative technologies, all members of the department were involved, including candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy educational program in Economics, which recently received exemplary accreditation from the National Agency for Quality Assurance. education. Thank you to all participants.











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