A new project has been launched at SumDU in cooperation with Bingham University (Nigeria). On Saturday, February 13th, 2021 - the official opening and start of classes in the online format of the international e-course "Cybersecurity Economics" for students of economic degree program of Bingham University (Nigeria).

In early February 2021, as part of the Jean Monnet project (620232-EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE) "EU Carbon-free economy: best practices for Ukraine", Associate Professor of Marketing Elena Chygryn gave a lecture on students of marketing "What do we know about European cohesion policy?"

We can state now for the F-91r group, where foreign students study, the third semester of their studies has been successfully completed (September 2020 ─ January 2021). The group brings together students from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Tunisia.

Being an expert with the restless is not just a name ... It is a project that unites what we live every day: marketing - science - cohesiveness.

February has started with lectures and training on opportunities for small and medium enterprises in Ukraine for students from Economics, Management, Marketing, Information Technologies and Engineering.

For SSI BіЕМ 30-31 September 2021, was very important because in the palace of student sports of the Sumy State University there was a team championship of Ukraine in athletics.

EMMA is an educational space for marketing and management, where you can become the best in terms of research, professional education, networking and more.

Working together always pays off. For the last two weeks, the Department of Marketing, together with the Certification training, has been training teachers of domestic universities Maria Minchenko's in-service training program.




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