The Virtual Social Business Students' Forum 2020 was held on November 25-26 at Duffodil International University (Bangladesh). The Virtual Social Business Students Forum (VSBSF) 2020 is a global community of students for the exchange of ideas and ideas in the field of social business. This year's VSBSF is held under the slogan "The role of youth in the fight against poverty, unemployment and net carbon emissions".

On November 26, 2nd and 4th year students speciality “Public Management and Administration”  attended the Forum of New Local Self-Government, organized by the All-Ukrainian Association of United Territorial Communities (OTG).

Mr. Vladymyr Lobodin, director of Trade Center, has become a Guest Lecturer for the course  “Strategic Management” to share his 15-years’ experience in investments of a different kind.

On November 26,  2nd year students specialty "Management"  met with Alina Poznanska, co-owner of the “Poznanski” brand, professional host of corporate and private holidays, certified facilitator and trainer, developer of team building for business and social structures, an inspiring speaker, social project manager and author of social films.

On November 25, 2020, within the discipline "CRM" (teacher – Pavlo Hrytsenko) students of group EN-92 / 1e and group PE-71 attended an online webinar on the study of CRM-system Bitrix24!

The 19 th of November 2020 at a lecture for students-economists (groups ЕН-02 / 1е, ЕК-01а, lecturer - Doctor of Economics, Professor L. Melnik, teacher of practical classes - PhD, Associate Professor O. Kubatko) was performed by production worker Anna Derikolenko.

Тhe 27 th of  November for a practical lesson on the subject " Economics of enterprises" (groups EN-02 / 1e, EK-01a, lecturer - Doctor of Economics, Prof. L.G Melnyk, teacher of practical classes - Ph.D., Associate Professor O.V. Kubatko) visited the leading economist of the main department of the State Food and Consumer Services in Sumy region, Tatiana Moroz, who in 2014 graduated from the Department of Economics.

Despite the fact that the calendar year is coming to an end, we are increasing our international activity. As part of the continued cooperation with Belgian partners in Health and Environment Services, Training and Consultancy "VOF" in the person of Professor Luc Hens, on November 17 at the Department of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration was another event planned in 2020 as part of a virtual online training-course "Academic writting and publication of scientific papers".

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