Organization of educational process and assessment of students' knowledge


In Sumy State University, the educational process and evaluation of students' knowledge are based on the Regulations on the organization of educational process in the SSU, approved by the rector's order dated 22.06.16, No. 0452-I, as amended.

The student's educational work is determined by the number of accounting units of time allocated for the training program: academic hours (40 minutes),  modular certification cycles (8 weeks), study semesters (2 modules -Testing weeks), training courses and academic years (2 semesters).

The typical students' studyload during the academic week consists of classroom (lectures, laboratory, practical and seminar classes) and self-study with a total volume of 45 academic hours.

Every 30 hours of studyload is one Credit of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. The academic year contains 60 credits, and semester - about 30 credits of educational work of the student. In one week, the student performs approximately 1.5 credits of educational work.

Assessment of learning outcomes is carried out during incoming, ongoing, deferred, and final monitoring by determining the RD rating on a 100-point scale. It is formed as the sum of ratings rk for different types and periods of academic work, as well as additional points rs:

RD = Σrk + rs.

Additional rating points may be awarded for additional types of educational work: for the successful participation in different levels competitions, for review and analytical works performances, for reports at scientific conferences, for scientific publications, etc.





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