During 2011 the Department conducted many extracurricular activities in key areas of educational work of SSU. Significantly increased number of activities initiated by faculty – from 12 (in 2010) to 38 (in 2011). In April it was the first time for the Day of the Department of Economics. Day of marketing, dedication to the students of specialty “Economy” are traditional events.

There are curators in all groups of first-year students. They regularly conduct curatorial hours, themed activities. The absolute and quality success of first-year students are growing.

Figure 1 – Absolute success of first-year students

Figure 2 – Quality success of first-year students

Student dean is working effectively. Since December 2010 Anatoly Bondar is student dean of FEM. He initiated a series of events at FEM: "kvartyrnyki", "troleybusnyki" etc. In 2011 student dean initiated training for first-year students by past student leaders of FEM and other distinguished persons. Three students of the faculty (Inna Samoilenko, Olga Timoshova, Dmitry Zibaryev) were part of the student administration of SSU.

In 2011 the number of foreign students at the faculty significantly increased. Foreign students of FEM are involved in most university activities, they become a full members of the university community. Also joint faculty meetings of Ukrainian and foreign students, such as skiing, skating, visits to nature, celebration of national holidays are traditional at FEM. The vast number of foreign students study in separate groups with comfortable "language" conditions. Also from 2011 there are two groups of English-taught courses where ukrainians and foreign students are studying together. Major achievements of international students of FEM in 2011:

  • prizes in International Scientific Conference "Economics for Ecology" (Mbelu S. M-03, Uzoihve K., M-03, Nvosu J., AM-61, Oreduhba O., M-03 , Odeliye IP, AM-61, Nyakunha S. M-63),
  • nominations in the "Golden integral-2011" (Solonyuk O., EF-11, Muhutdynov C., EF-11, Alekberzade G. M-12, Ehenmuradov, M-12, Chikoti II, M-13)
  • first prize in the championship of badminton among students of higher educational institutions of III-IV level of accreditation (Hu Bofen, M-83),
  • second prize in the 10th traditional international tournament of soccer honored to master of sports of the Soviet Union Oleg Blokhin (Ebiziyem W., M-93, Mbelu S. M-03).

High performance level of students of FEM in the competition of talents "Golden integral" is also traditional. In 2011 the first-year students of the Faculty won the largest number of nominations. Also in April it was the first time for "Golden integral for seniors", our students won the firs prize in this competition. There is increasing of participation of first-year students in the contest "Golden integral" (Figure 3). Significantly, all participants of "Golden integral" at FEM successfully passed the winter session.

Figure 3 – Percentage of students attracted to the competition "Golden integral"

Students are actively involved in organizing their own events. Special attention is a series of events, dedicated to 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics and Management: intellectual games, scientific conferences, BMX show and parties etc.

Already traditional is to organize the International Conference ISCS «Economics for Ecology". This conference is somewhat unique in SSU because the organizing committee mainly consists of students.

The faculty actively promoted sports and healthy lifestyle. For the first time in the history faculty, students FEM won in the traditional Sport competition of SSU. The faculty is proud of its athletes, candidates and masters of sports (D. Kotsur, T. Omelchenko, E. Nosok, D. Igumnov, R. Morhunenko, I. Plop, K. Zayats, A. Petrova, Y. Grynko, M. Pronoza, T. Nagorna and others).

Students of FEM actively and productively participate in various competitions, tournaments, are active members of the fellowship program "Zavtra.UA", tournament of strategic management “GMC Junior 2011” (one of the teams won in the first round), the International Student Week in Ilmenau (Germany), International summer schools (University of Koblenz-Landau and others). Students practice language in Turkey, participate in international exchange programs (Work&Travel, AU-Pair etc).

Students show high results in intellectual competitions. They are winners of "What? Where? When?", "Jeopardy", "FootQuest", "BikeQuest", participants of the TV version of "Brain-Ring" on the channel K1.

There are many students involved in volunteerism. Students happy to visit orphanages, demonstrate their talents there. Among the most active should be noted: Shokolenko, E-72, Zelenskaya, F-82, Vasjuta, F-82, Kasatkin, F-82, Sergienko, MC-91, Kravchenko, F-83, Titarenko, F-83, Ametov, E-92, Dvornik, F-92, Hanyukova, M-01, Stepanenko, MK-11, Syomochkina, MK-11, Kalinichenko MK-11, Bulatova, MK-11, Masko, MK-11, Ovcharenko, MC-11, Chernyavskaya, E-72.

Students of Faculty of Economics and Management are Fellow of the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Head of Regional State Administration, etc.:

  • Khyzhnyak Marina, MK-81 – scholarship of the Scientific Council of the SSU (best student of the Faculty);
  • Lavrinenko Alina, E-81 – scholarship of President of Ukraine, scholarship of the Scientific Council of the SSU (best student of the Faculty);
  • Piddubna Tetyana, E-72 – scholarship of Sumy State Government Chairman;
  • Provozin Natalia, AM-71 – Balatsky scholarship;
  • Scherbachenko Viktoriya, MK-81 – scholarship of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;
  • Sirik Yuliya, MK-81 – Balatsky scholarship, scholarship of Sumy State Government Chairman;
  • Yatsenko Nataliya, E-72 – scholarship of President of Ukraine.


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