The Students Directorate of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Finance, Economics and Management includes:

Kisil Anastasia - student director, 4th course, gr. F-61/1

Popov Vladislav - deputy student director for Information Work, 2nd course, gr. E-81

Zaec Dmitry - deputy student director for social work, 1st course, gr. EN-93 / 2pu

Valeriy Burnakova - secretary of the student directorate, 3rd course, ME-71an / 1y

Moroz Mikhail - deputy student director for guidance and adaptation work, 1st course, gr. M-91an / 1y

Skubko Anton - deputy student director for cultural and mass work, 1st course, gr. EN-91 / 1p

Zelenska Varvara - deputy student director for sports and mass work, 1st course, gr. EN-91 / 1p



Being an active student of NII FEM is very easy and fun. Yes, it is fun, but in order to implement all the interesting ideas you need to work. All the failures we encounter help us to understand that we are strong and we will not make the same mistakes next time. In a crazy rhythm and, after all, get unreal pleasure from every such crazy day.


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