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Тематика та вимоги можна завантажити за посиланням.

Перший дедлайн подачі опису роботи - 15 січня 2020 року
Подача матеріалів - очікується до кінця березня 2020 року


Тематика та вимоги (англійською) :


Call for book chapters for an edited volume on Inequality (in EU, non-EU countries, the USA and beyond)

Inequality is widespread and seems to be an inevitable attribute of mankind development. Yet the poverty in the world is reduced, the forms of inequality developed. Our understanding of inequality has changed during last decades and the growing phenomenon of inequality became a matter for deep concern. To overcome current challenges of development means to avoid possible future economic, social and environmental catastrophes related to inequality problems. The book is expected to unite free thinkers, open-minded scholars and experienced practitioners in their efforts to focus on the sources, causalities and consequences of the different types of inequality.

We invite chapters that deal with any of the following sub-topics along the theme (the list is not exhaustive): gender inequality, social inequality, economic inequality, inequality in health and education, demographic research on wealth distribution at different levels, migration processes, minorities versus majorities group dynamics in different societies, international cooperation on sustainable development, innovations in a sphere of social justice and active citizenship towards solving the inequality problem. The case methodology is welcomed (EU, non-EU countries, the USA and beyond). The best practices from the different parts of the globe, that involve and explore the roles of civil societies, NGOs, national agencies, policy-makers, development agencies, UN Agencies, international organizations, (World Bank, IMF, Development Banks etc.) are considered as preferable, but not exclusively. 

The aim is not to bring everyone into agreement regarding the inequality but to find new ways and perspectives to get a step forward to solve it.

Please submit one-page abstracts/proposals (500 words, that include Title, Abstract itself and a note on methods and sources) and a short biographical note (150 words max) to Associate Professor Hanna Shvindina, Sumy State University (Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її. ) or Professor Medani Bhandari, International Program Director- Atlantic State Legal Foundation, USA, Director Equality Foundation, USA, Prof. Sustainability, Akamai University, (Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. Вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.)

Every chapter will blindly peer-reviewed for academic quality. The book will be published by the reputed publishing house.

15th of January – Submission of the abstract (1 page)
28th of March – Submission of the Chapter (15-20 pages)
July-August 2020 – the book publication

More instructions for Chapters:
Minimum length of the chapter is 15 and the maximum is 20 (including references and footnotes).
Chapter format will be commonly used on the international journal of social sciences.

Please follow AIMRDC Format (if applicable):
A = Abstract (we can say here why the chapter is important- what methods are used- how data are obtained- what are measure finding- and key message of the chapter).
I = Introduction, what question (problem) was studied
M = Methods, how was the problem studied
R = Results, what are the findings
D = Discussion, what do these findings mean
C = Conclusion- summary of the chapter with key findings and results (if writing opinion based chapter than we have to summarize the major arguments of the chapter).




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